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Dan Perez

Dan ‘The Professor’ Perez is a top level martial arts Tricker and Instructor. He is world renown as one of the leading experts in Tricking and is unique in the fact that he can perform all of his tricks and combos on both sides.

Dan Perez’ dedication to training, teaching and understanding tricking has lead him to create highly sophisticated training systems and terminology that many of the world’s top level martial arts trickers apply to their training today. Dan Perez embodies the spirit of the martial arts tricker and his in-depth knowledge and teaching applications make him one of the most respected martial arts tricking athletes in the history of the sport.

What is Martial Arts Tricking?
Tricking is an acrobatic discipline that incorporates everything from traditional martial arts techniques from capoeria, karate, wushu, taekwondo to flips and twists from gymnastics, and style found in breakdancing. Tricking is a creative discipline of movement expressed through aesthetic combinations of dynamic acrobatics and martial arts kicks. Tricking originates from sport martial arts where top level martial arts athletes would try to out perform each other in competition with innovative martial arts kick tricks.



About-Hyper-Trick-SchoolHyper teamed up with Dan Perez & Top Trickers worldwide to inspire a generation of Tricking Athletes rooted in authenticity, creativity, true understanding and execution of perfect Martial Arts Tricking Techniques. Professor Perez created the Hyper Trick School to systematically and safely train athletes in the fundamentals of tricking. He breaks tricking down into a progression of 8-levels that anyone can follow and learn. He shows you step by step how to learn kicks, transitions, variations and even create your own combinations.



Learn the terminology used to explain the intricate elements of martial arts tricks. Each level advances the understanding of the possibilities within tricking.

Learn the elements of what makes martial arts tricks from takeoffs, rotations, variations, and landings. Train progressively step by step from the ground floor to build a solid foundation.

Half of tricking are the tricks themselves, the other half is how you put the tricks together into combinations. Learn different techniques to link tricks together for limitless creativity.

Much of what is taught in Hyper Trick School applies to vertical kick tricks, however at the end of each level, one grounded invert (hands touching the ground) and one airborne invert (no hands) are taught in a logical and safe training method focused on safety first.


The Hyper Trick School Program uses slow motion to capture every technique and highlights details using visual effect overlays to help you understand them better. Each technique is broken down step-by-step and shows you the progression so you can perform them safely and easily.


Hyper Trick School uses a logical naming conventions to breakdown the names of tricks. This naming convention has been simplified into a shorthand code for writing out intricate combinations in a way that makes learning easier and more fun. New terminology is introduced at the beginning of each Hyper Trick School Level. All terminology builds off of previously learned concepts and all works together in a seamless and logical language.
Tricking Starter Package includes:
  • Hyper Tricking Athlete Tee (Any Size)
  • Hyper Trick School Level 1 DVD
  • Martial Arts Athlete Wrist Band
Complete Tricking Package includes:
  • Hyper Tricking Athlete Tee (Any Size)
  • Hyper Trick & Destroy Tee (Any Size)
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